This is how the future flows: LIQUIDRACK™

The world’s first spray liquid cooling solution.


More than ever, change is critical. With the exponential growth of edge-to-cloud computing, AI technology and other high-density workloads, our world demands more powerful, sustainable solutions beyond air cooling—and the answer is advanced liquid cooling. Revolutionary LiquidRack™ from ALCT was designed to exceed those demands, delivering both 100% free cooling and 100% heat recovery for today, tomorrow and ten years from now.

LiquidRack™ changes everything—for every mission-critical application.

Cloud Service

Data Centers


Telecom Facilities

Spray Cooling System

In the spray liquid cooling system, a heat exchanger divides the system into two circuits: a liquid coolant circuit and a water circuit. The cold coolant (dielectric fluid) is sprayed onto the servers to remove the heat. The heated coolant then flows back to the plate heat exchanger and dissipates the heat into the water circuit. The heat is then finally discharged into the atmosphere through the dry cooler. With a spray system, 100% Free Cooling could be achieved at any time, anywhere in the world.

Immersive Cooling System

The immersive cooling system is different from the spray cooling only on the coolant side. Rather than being sprayed, electronic components are fully immersed in dielectric liquid. Both cooling efficiency and coolant temperature is less than the spray system.

A Seamless Transition – From Rack to Rack

The largest obstacle to the adoption of liquid cooling technology has always been the significant expense involved in changing from air-cooled racks. The project complexities and capital expenditure were previously considered to be too great of a risk. LiquidRackTM changed all of that. Now transitioning is both seamless and nearly effortless.

High Cooling Density

Compact, 2 drawers.
14U*2, cooling capacity 1kW per U

Push-pull Drawer

Fit for various different servers. A standard rack has 2 drawers, also available for customization.

Dripless Quick Connector

High quality dripless quick connectors

Inclined Server with Sliding Lock

The inclined server position and locking system will make the maintenance simple to perform without using extra tooling or the hassle of liquid drops.

Sliding Rollers

With this sliding drawer, servers can be easily accessed for routine maintenance

Pumps & HX Are Included

High reliability pump, and a high efficiency heat exchanger.

Energy Recovery from LiquidRackTM

In addition to the outstanding pPUE, LiquidRackTM spray system also allows the full heat recovery from the servers and turns the entire data center into an energy center, setting a new milestone for achieving net-zero emission goal.

Compared to immersive cooling, spray liquid cooling technology can achieve inlet liquid temperatures of 70°C/158F, allowing the hot water temperatures to reach 60 °C/140F or higher.

High temperature water can be used for industrial process, steam generation, occupant heat, and eliminate hot water bills in hospitals, hotels and high rise dwellings.

Spray VS Immersion








Spray cooling is the standard offer, immersive cooling is available upon request