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A Global Challenge, Our Mission

The world is moving high-speed in the direction of digitalization and is completely reliant upon billions of semiconductors. This creates two fundamental challenges:

  1. How can we manage the increasing heat from the semiconductors which is essential for their reliability and performance.
  2. How can we balance the environment and address the energy consumed by the exponential growth of semiconductor computing power.

Advanced Liquid Cooling Technologies Inc. was founded with the goal of developing innovative liquid cooling technologies to address these two challenges: Technologies that can address high-density heat while simultaneously increasing cooling efficiency, and more importantly, technologies that allow the full recovery of the energy consumed by the various IT or electronic equipment and convert them into reusable energy for heating, cooling and other purposes.

ALCT’s patented technologies were designed to be applied to multiple types of digital infrastructures from cloud service, crypto mining, telecommunication facilities and many others; and directly to equipment, such as servers, power IGBT, power and storage batteries, UPS etc. With decades of competitive knowledge and experience, ALCT sets the bar high. Since its inception, ALCT technologies are setting new standards in reliability, efficiency, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

Core Values

Our D-R-E-A-M philosophy sets a new industry standard in performance, clearing the main obstacles for the adoption of liquid cooling technologies.


Density +90%

30x cooling density offsets the challenges of increasing heat density.


Reliability +90%

Excellent cooling performance and enclosed working environment ensure that the equipment is always at ideal working temperatures.


Efficiency +90%

High efficiency, 100% free cooling, and 90% power usage reduction diminishes the impact on the environment and slashes energy costs.


Affordability & Adaptability

Lower OPEX and CAPEX help total cost -90% while providing a seamless transition from air to liquid cooling.


Manufacturability & Maintainability

Customization, designed for manufacturability.

A Partnership to Support Our Customers

ALCT was formed in 2022 as an AIRSYS affiliated company. This partnership allows ALCT to focus on its customers while leveraging AIRSYS’ 25+ years of manufacturing and R&D experience.

Cooling For the Future

ALCT liquid cooling technologies consist of a series of solutions developed to address the problem from all angles, to apply in different vertical markets, on different equipment. With our strong R&D capabilities, ALCT is able to quickly develop custom made solutions for our clients.


High heat flux electronic devices

MIDDENMEER,THE NETHERLANDS -  9 AUGUSTUS 2021: Drone  aerial view of new Microsoft datacenters . The huge buildings are located along highway A7 in the province Noordholland near Wieringerwerf.

Distributed Computing

3d rendering of a server room with black servers

Edge Data Centers

A cloud computing internet concept with information flowing to and from the cloud

Distributed Computing

Types of Liquid Cooling Technologies

Indirect Liquid Cooling

Indirect liquid cooling rejects heat by pumping fluid through cold plates attached to electronic components. The fluid never makes direct contact with electronics.

Direct Liquid Cooling

Spray Cooling

The fluid is sprayed directly on the heat emitting portion of the electronic devices from the spray header. The Spray of fluid will have 300% higher heat transfer co-efficiency and use 80% less fluid in the system.

Immersive Cooling

Electronic components are directly immersed in a dielectric fluid in a sealed but readily accessible enclosure. This enclosure is where the heat from electronic components is transferred to the fluid.

Liquid cooling can also be divided into two categories depending on whether the liquid phase changes. Based on two dimensions of cooling approach and liquid phase. (Note: the more stars, the better the performance and ROI.)



LiquidRack is designed for various types of data infrastructures. Designed to handle the high-density heat while driving the pPUE down to 1.03. LiquidRack has two different liquid cooling options: immersion and spray (which is the standard option) and immersion.

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