Digital Boiler

Did you know that you can get unlimited free hot water at your home? ALCT’s digital boiler could turn your ASICS machine (e.g. Crypto Miner) or GPUs (e.g. Gaming computer) into an electric water heater to provide unlimited amounts of hot water for heating and showers while you are making money by minimg crypo ar running a gaming business.

Waste Heat Recovery

An ASICS Crypto Miner is placed in the upper part of the digital boiler and cooled by spraying liquid. Mining and heat supply may run simultaneously.

High Water Temperature

The hot water temperature can reach 70°C/158°F or higher, which is equivalent to electric water heater or gas water heater. (120F is recommended for residential hot water use to avoid the risk of scalding)

Flexible Capacity

Heating capacity ranges from 3.5~500kW, for higher capacity, the system could be custom designed to meet various requirement.


The average Pay Back time for such our digital boiler is only 1 year.

Liquid Is Critical

The quality of the dielectric Liquid is a critical element that affects cooling performance and longevity. ALCT co-developed our ZEX2000 recipe to provide you with a single-phase liquid with superior oxidation resistance, and a two-phase liquid with a wide temperature range.

ALCT can also develop a custom dielectric fluid for specific unique applications.